The Deep-Shot Converter Desktop Application

One could say the Desktop software of the Deep-Shot Converter already has something like a history. Since the completition of the first prototype on the 17th of October, 2021 there have been a lot of updates. Problems had been solved, improvements in colour have been made, technical innovations took place and last but not least the converter got a modern design. So on the 23rd of January 2022 the first ''finished'' Software was released.

The Deep-Shot Converter 2.0

This software is still in developement stage. In comparison to the Deep-Shot Converter 1 it has the following advantages:

- Load as many pictures as you want into the same structure

- nearly no borders to the depth of these pictures (up to 10'000 - times zoom possible)

- a special new file format is used saving tons of memory, easy placement on websites

- Open and zoom your image inside the program


The Online-viewer

This software shall be able to display and zoom the special file type images that the new converter creates inside website galleries. As soon as the developement went on I am going to inform you about its stage, all the facts and design.

The old Converter

The old Deep-Picture Converter isn't really saving storage space. It's also not stitching several images, it's only taking single pictures as an input. It is much more a tool to generate the funky growing pixel effect, that you can see on the start-page of this website. Images up to 700 Megapixels can be converted, the output is PNG and SVG. You can choose between German and English.